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Great quotes in Urdu that are inspiring


After all why do we hurry when we are asked to realize the situation? 
Why are our outcomes negative most of the times?
Why don't we realize the situation in the positive mind?
Why are our eyes so narrow in the vision?
Why don't we monitor the things happening around us in the positive part of our head?
Is it actually what we think about the situation?
It stands true that we hurry in realizing the situation,it is also true that we prefer to take the disadvantage of the negative part of our brain when we have bring outcome of the situation.

It is not obvious that what we see is always that what we think of it.We can understand it by the following way:

  1. See the following picture and tell me what is the relation?

  2. What is going on down here?                                                                                                   

  3.  Who is touching the finger of the lady and what is he doing?

In picture 1st the couple could be husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, sister and brother.We cannot determine ourselves what is their relation.In fact their are no ways for us to determine the relationship or the situation that too just by looking at the picture.Many stories can be set up out of this picture.But remember Whatever we make out of it will be just made up or we can say imaginative and not necessarily true.

In the same way many stories can be made out of the picture 2 and picture 3.In picture 3 it can be:
  1. A dad  telling his child to wake up.
  2. A doctor at patient's bed , checking him up.
In short it can be anything their but people hurry up in judging their relationship of the two in the picture 3.So think it properly and perceive the image right.
My eyes show me what i want to see and my ears make me hear what i want to hear.What looks obvious is not so obvious.


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